Saturday, July 25, 2009

Letter to my bestfriend


I'm so sorry.
Not for the things I've done but for u being dissapointed in me.
I don't mean to, you know i dont right?
We've know each other for ages! hell no I'm doing things that will be bad to you.
You're injured!
Its best to have your family by your side right now.
To give you moral support and take care of you.
You wont be so scared to go through this painfull moments all by yourself.
Maybe you got new friends that can take care of you there but it's not the same!
How I wish u know how bad i wanted to be by your side at the moments like this.
To support you and cheer u up.
just like what u did to me when I'm sad.
Hopefully, You wont be angry for a long time.
I really really can't bear this kind of emotional right now.
Wish i have 2nd bestfriend to complaint to.
Please.. I don't want us to fight.
please understand. Please!
I dont want to lose you, you know.
Soo sad Oo. U never mad at me.
Worst day ever.
Knowing my BFF is injured n thinking what best 4 him is actually hurting him.
I'm so sorry.

P/s: really hope u still will tell me everything...

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