Tuesday, September 8, 2009


How am i going to say this..

I'm PrOuD tO bE VET StuDenT!!!!!

Hehe.. It's been nearly 2 months since my 1st day, and nothing would be any BETTER!

I love my Classmates, I love my roomates, I love my lecturers


Best of all I love this Course!!!

Now, I'm determines to be a VETERINARIAN..

huhu.. Not all people have the privilige to called a VET!

Insyaallah, i'll make sure i'll graduate with flying colours and get the 'DR'.

Dr Siti Shakinna Chu. Oo.. match make in heaven!!!!

I enjoy learning animal anatomy and physiology.. Every animals are distinctly different from each other.. Its skeletons, Digestive systems, Characteristics... Subhanallah!

The systems are also different from HUMAN!

but still, there are similarities. Human are considered as animals too.. (Agree??)

Here are some pics of me as a VET STUDENT. (oo.. i love saying that!)

Vet! Vet! Vet! Vet! Vet! Vet RULES!!!!

At the back was my goat when i first received it.
Teeth of a dead goat. Bing2, U should use xtra colgate! hahaha

Bing-Bing and Me. Its just her head and neck now..

P/s: I'll miss u, bing-bing. 12/09/09, u'll be finished and Thrown away. why can't i formalined u?
huhu.. Thanx 4 da memories!!


Audee said...

btw, the goat is funny!
haha..extra colgate

FdausAmad said...

gua nak ajak lu melepak di blog gua.Rilek Rilek.

xen said...

seksa kambing.. hahah penyeksa kambing.. kambing seksa kambing

Ina Chu said...

Audry: FYI, Goat has the most back n smelliest mouth ever!! huhu

Fdaus: ok dokie..

xen: where got penyeka kambing?? its all 4 da sake of 'KNOWNLEDGE"