Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Mood, Why do you swing??

Today I have mood disorder.
It is a classic example of bipolar disorder.
Emotion and Motivation.
It is unique criteria that is controlled by our nervour system (ini yang kami belajar hari ni. hehe)
But, Our physiology lecturer, Prof Dr Imad doesn't emphasis so much regarding this matter.
Coz he thinks that animal doesn't need so much of these.
But i don't think so. Human and Animals are quite the same.
Only human got 'akal'.
You know why animal doesn't have 'akal'?
First, because God made them so.
Second, because of their cerebrum spaces are small.
Unlike human, our capacity is bigger yet we only use 10% of it. (Shame on u!!!)
Plus, animal needs motivation and their emotions taken care of.
We need to give them trats to uplift their motivation so that they can perfom well in races, pageant and so on.
Back to my mood sidorder..
I find today really hard to concentrate.
Damn sleepy in class. maybe for the sake of imbalance hormone and of course PMS!!!
Oh, I hate you so much PMS.
I got annoyed easily.
I do hate myself right now.
Suddenly, i felt like I am a bully. (memang pun. cuma hari ni saya rasa saya jahat sgt, hahaha)
I think that i don't think for others.
For e.g, at physiology lab this afternoon,
we learn how to check BP manually and automatically.
Of course the automatic one is easy. Just press the button.
Only one device are present for each manual and automatic and it is for 39 students.
Our lab is really really lack of facilities.
I am soo selfish that i want to be the first one to learn and use it.
of course my friends become my patience.
But they are so many people like me in my class.
Like that kind of people.
Bencinya. cuma fikir tentang kepentingan sendiri saja.
Like me. I think so.
How moody I am to admit I'm a bad person.
I should be more in control next time.
Be considerate. Be more lovable.
I hate me right now. Really, Seriously.
I really miss having real friends to talk to.
I miss my besties. Ester n yong.
Saya x puas spend time sama mereka.
I miss them. but i don't need them.
Or maybe i need ester. He's my Montoku and Yong is my ciggarette.
Hehe.. Whenever I have problems, I really need my montoku more.
Its really late. and i'm not done with Biochem yet.
Sem 2 is indeed tougher than Sem 1.
Oh my darling honeybee.. stuck where he WANTS to be..
Left me in stuck here. ALONE.
I got new friends, the butterfiles and ants.
They thought me many thing.
But I miss my moments with the BEEs.
I want to be back to my colonies.
When will i be??

P/s: Kenapa mahu buat sesuatu yang buat kita runsing, membebankan dan tidak mengembirakan langsung.
       Saya benci POLITIK. unfortunately, Its everywhere. Even in a small club or in the toilet.
       Kenapa wujud POLITIK? supaya dihormat? Disanjung? Dikenali?
       Saya suka memimpin.  Tapi saya seorang yang bebas.
       Celaka POLITIK.

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