Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy Birthday BFF!

Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, si pugut ESTERANZA VICTOR JUNIOR!!!
He turned 19 already!
I know!! 19th right? ( i wish i also turned 19 this year.. huhu)
My bestfriend is a kiddo but he act more mature than us three.
Always been there for us and always act like an abang protecting us.
Cannot this lah, cannot that lah.
Anyway, here's a cake for u!

Apa dorang tulis di cake ko? SARANG CUKA HAMIDA?? SARANG BURUNG??hahaha
Well, i'm going to put and write all nice things on your birthday cake.
Your beloved family and friends, your future career, u being power ranger and guy with senapang so that you can protect your family and love ones. and that ' follow you heart' signboard so that whatever decision you have to choose, you'll choose what means the most to you. And that ' forever friend' bear means that I'll be here and be your bestfriend and support you and hope you keep on walking til you find the window if the door is closed.


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