Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ada Apa Dengan May

Salam to dear my Best Blogger Frieds Forever( BBFF) and to all readers.
Its been a while since my last post. Quite busy with programs and exams and silly things that makes me feel like not writing at all. May had been a busy month for me so far.

1st  week of May: Equipped myself doing TITAS assignments, studying and preparing for Program Cakna Sains.

12th-14th May: supposed to be Cakna Sains but it got cancelled out impromptu due to H1N1 cases in that school. Kinda dissappointed coz everything's ready but glad at the same time coz have the time to study for TITAS and EST exam.

16th-19th May: EXAMINATION. Preparing for our "Kempen Kawalan Kucing Terbiar".

19th-23rd May: Talks about our campaign at primary schools and Dialogue with Restaurant near UMK.

20th-23rd May: Kem Waja Diri MPP 2010 at Sedim Eco Resort. Its not as 'resorty' as you think it is. We camp okay. Its been a rough and tough moments for me. A lot of Mentally and of course physically challenge activities for me. They(HEP) conduct it with military style. Strict. It makes me weary but in the end its all worth it. It makes you realize that you're immature, darah panas! You can't always have things your way. You must know how to negotiate. Win Win situation. Best of all, Dont be selfish! Team up! Watch that Ego!.. Soo many.. but can't reveal here. Thanks to fellow MPP for your help, support and guidance. I learned a Lot! :)

24th-27th May: Voluntary vet program @ Zoo Taiping. Its my first project ever. Still got many flaws. But please don't look at those silly flaws, see what kind of experience you got at there. Once in a life time!! For those 2 days of volunteering, i worked at Australian Fauna area, Panther's cage and Deer's cage. It was great! I became the makcik cleaner sweeping the road (penat ok) then do the feeding and cleaning. We learned a lot about the animals! Also, we got the chance to watch surgery and X-ray conducted by Dr Choy on a Panther. Nicee~ Got baby giraffe died that last day but couldn't get the chance to see the post mortem. Too bad. Got the chance experienced NIGHT SAFARI @ Zoo Taiping. For the practical session, we learned how to make Dart syringe for injection and stuffs. Plenty more!!

30th May-26th June: LATIHAN INDUSTRI 1. Time for practical @ Pusat Ternakan Ulu lepar, Pahang!! I'll be leaving tonight at 9.30 pm. Still havent pack!! gosh.. A year has passing by.. I'll be Seniors soon,, Wonder how the junior will be, harap-harap takde yang bikin panas yee.. hiks.

Posing untuk sesi tubing. best!

susahnya air tu nak tolak aku.. Almaklumlah,, berat! hahaha

Girls in COVERALL. 

Gelagat kami bersihkan tempat austalian fauna.

The sick panther.

With panther @ sugery room
It's not actually a surgery,, its just examination.
whether the panther is getting better or not.
there's maggots in between its anus and also got wound at his jaw.

X-ray of a panther's mandible.

Died baby giraffe. So pity kan? It was soo cute u know.. huhuu

Dr Choy and me. He is a total inspiration!!
Running the zoo alone. he is the only vet in zoo taiping.

P/s: I think I'm falling for you but my minds say NO! So, NO it'll be~

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