Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pocket full of sunshine :)

As I posted before, these 3 things are essential to be the happiest man on earth;

#1 Something to do
#2 Something to look forward
#3 Something/someone to love

and I want  to add one more thing to this list

#4 Something to hope. :)

Here are my list for the time beings....

#1 Something to do

-Study for tomorrow examination which I only started today! By today I mean now. (*dush2) Darn me. Hehe.. Kenegaraan and Falsafah ilmu. 'Exam sehari, study sehari suda.' quoted from my classmate Fizzy Mahadi :P
- Cash out funding cheque from HEP. Dear Allah, I really hope that the cheque is ready by tomorrow and the cheque is precisely CASH CHEQUE! If not, me and my members will be in a deep shit. I'm flying to Perth tomorrow's night for God's sake. Please makes thing easier Dear Allah. There are no other resort but You.
- Answer tomorrow's exam with flying colours. InsyaAllah.
- Clean up and decorate my room once I get back home (if i still have my room. -.-)
- Obey and serve my parent. Do all house chores and prepare 3 meals a day. InsyaAllah. And be nice to my lil sister.
- Ramadhan's coming. Charge my Ibadah to the fullest!
- Diet.
- Improve my crochet skills. Make the world cuter!
- Study for my Pre-Clinical External Examination.

#2 Something to look forward

-My July serendipity. Discover Western Australia. :)
- Second year practical at Pusat ternakan and Penyelidikan Unggas at Bantayan. (So close to home, So Happy!)
- Eid! All sibling are coming home this year including Qistina and Faris. It would be Faris's first time setting his foot at Sabah! *excited!
- Pre-Clinical External Examination. I'm gonna do my best! Soon to be entering clinical world of veterinary medicine. Must study harder Lot! 
- Life of DVM 3. Surgery, Anesthesia, Vet Med. Feels so like a Vet already! :p

#3 Something to love

-My Vet course!

#3 Someone to love

-Mummy and Daddy
-My sibling (Abg Mel, Kak Echik, Abg Bet, Qitot and Wawa)
*I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. ~Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford*
-Mon, Kak Ina+Abg Azman, Abg Joe+kak Ann, Kak kamisah, Kak Bibie, Ah Cil.
- Nieces and Nephews ( Amin, Nisa, Nurul, Emai, Jojo, Aqil, Mirul, Aleeya, Ammar, Hayyan, Chantek and still counting. (3 is one the way! :P)
-My Bestfriend and friends.

#4 Something to hope for 
( I will always and consistently pray for this)

- I pray for my parent's health and my family well beings. May Allah protect us always. Amin :)
- I get Allah's blessing in everything that I do in this world and hereafter. Amin
- My PNGK increased to 3.5 above and maintained. (still got 0.09 to go)
- Graduate and obtain my DVM with flying colours and be the Best  Large Animals Vet I can be. InsyaAllah.
- Get married and have wonderful kids :p

I have learned that you can always get something from the ordinary basic things. Sometimes, happiness can be obtained from the littlest things in life. And don't judge a book by it's cover. For instance, back when I'm still working at Family Kopitiam, little conversation with Khairul the waiter boy changes my perspective towards that boy. Never know je's a 3.5 matrix grads that aspire to be a doctor. InsyaAllah, that boy might become my junior next semester. :)
Tough times come and go, always remember;
" No storm last forever, and when it's gone there is a beautiful weather"
Allah is good. Let life unfold itself. Keep praying! Keep Hoping! work hard and hold on to your faith.

*credit to tumblr xoxo
Remember, Every rainy moments you are experiencing right now,  there's rainbow awaits for you in the end. Hold on :)

*credit to syeeda ghazali
Allah SWT is with us. Always :)
Make Allah SWT your first resource. Not your last resort.

Yours Truly,

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