Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4th year Already! wOOT! wOOT!


So, I'm back at Kelantan. I'm a 4th year now. Alhamdulillah. It has been 3 weeks since my arrival. Haha. I know 3 weeks! Many things had happened in 3 weeks. 

1st week 

- occupied with clinical training presentation and  completing my report and log book (procrastination. as always. I managed to write 15 cases while everybody write 1 case per day! -,-" 

- move my stuffs from Taman Bendahara to new hostel here at Seri Kemumin aka Padang Tembak. Pammie borrowed a van from one uncle from her church. The whole van is filled with our stuffs! We took almost 2 or maybe 3 days to bring our stuffs inside our house here at 2nd floor. phew~

Anyways, I am in love with my new crib. Everything is perfect for now. They allocate 8 persons per house and 2 persons per room and  my housemates are Pammie, intan, tay, Sarah, Husna, Ayuni and Fadilah ; my roomates is still the same, intan.  Everything is by far, perfect enough for me. Alhamdulillah. Would you like a tour? haha, later probably. 

- UMK 2nd Convocation were held and we're selling grduation bears and flowers made from ferrero roche chocs. We learned so much and hope for better sales next year. Most of my mpp mates were the graduates this time. Azfar, Pijan, Kak Zu, Hafizuddin, Sharizal, Mat nor and Zul. I didnt manage to meet Kak Zu and Mat Nor though. Really wish all the best to you guys. This is only the beginning. May bright future awaits for you. :)

The flower girls and Sawak. Congratulations!

Us and Dr. sandie. We miss you doc! All the best for your PHD in UK. 
we'll be meeting again in 3 years time. as colleague.InsyaAllah :)

2nd week

- The class is now in session. I'm taking 6 subjects this semester; Ruminant Disease, Cats and Dogs Disease, Avian Disease, Pathology 3, Marketing and Professional Ethics. Studying disease is tough as all those subjects you've learned from Year 1 - Year 3 are connected to each other. Esp the virus- bacteria-parasite stuffs! What can you expect from someone who has a weak basic like me? >.< But I think my training at the clinics sure do make it easier bcoz you've seen those disease before.  Digesting 6-8 diseases in different species of animal per day is ____________ (filled it yourself).

- Vet Welcoming Week programme was held and organize by us SDV4. It's great to see all the new faces and at the same time, reminiscing back  your freshie's moments. Only at that time, we didn't have any senior to celebrate and guide us. All the juniors are good, well-behave (LOL) and very enthusiastic! (or look enthusiastic? LOL) I'm with the sukaneka team. I think we did a pretty good job.  We played Guess Guess Guess, Captain Ball, Handicapped gladiators, Dizzy-Copta and Tarik Tali. All the games were fun and funny!

kakak-kakak fasi

gonna miss you guys :')

SDV 1,2,3 and 4. only some are present but we're getting bigger and bigger now.

3rd week

- now the class is really IN SESSION. And same goes to Assignments, reports and presentations. Personally I love Avian disease more. Not the subject but the lecturer. Dr Tan is really our 'Dr.Sandie' right now. can't explain it but I'm glad that he's here. A genius like him can be anywhere is this world but He said he'll be here just for two years to help us. *cry*

P/S: Home cleaning and necessities shopping are done (i guess completely?) and now all I have to do is preparing my mental for the tough clinical years. InsyaAllah. And wait for JPA to bank in my allowances ASAP! We all pokai already @_@

Another thing...

I miss this budak kecik in this picture! 
lolot rindu wawa 

most of all, i miss 'kacau' her in her sleep until she'll cry and then dad will scold both of us.
I miss daddy. I miss mummy. I miss home!!

P.S.S: Alhamdulillah. I got picked for MyCAT program. whoever pick my name, THANK YOU LUCKY HANDS!! Going to walk 7km in for poachers hunting this oct! I hope we'll eventually found and catch one. and of course, be safe in the end. heee~ Plus, my bestfriend will be coming to Kelantan soon for his practical at USM. Gonna be a happy october ^_^

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