Saturday, May 30, 2015

What I love about myself.

Salam wbt.

Something make me stop and wonder a while what is it i love BEING ME? Nowadays, people are so critical on how they look and behave. How about we focus on what we LOVE about ourselves? it could be anything. What  features and character do you think are your best assets?

So what do i think are my best assets?

Physically, i love the fact that i only have one dimple. It is on my right cheek. It makes me feel cute like Pretty Zinta. ^_^

I love that when my friends are dealing with some issues, they intend to share with me and requested my hugs. It made them feel comfortable and good. Indirectly, it made me feel great despite being a plus size.

Personality wise, I have this overwhelming need to try making things less awkward. Maybe because of my loud and outspoken attitude. and I dont believe in 'awkward moments' unless you make it awkward. I always try to make people comfortable by asking them questions and stuffs. (It's not because of busybody okay haha). My friends like to bring me to celebrate someone's dinner, outings, or even meeting new people. According to them, they feel more confident and it is more fun and lively when i'm around.

I also love my positivity, I tend to see good in everything and always full of hopes. Sometimes, they even said I'm not being realistic. Hey, it's okay to dream and to think positive ya. Always expect a good outcome, so in return you will get a good one. ^_^

Bottom line, this isnt a 'shiok sendiri' post. Self doubt indeed a struggle everyone faces. It can be so crippling. That is why it is important to develop self-confidence and do not let negative thoughts overplay your mind. There is more to life than holding on to our petty thoughts and insecurities.

Dear lolot, when you feel down please read this post again. :)

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