Friday, November 6, 2009

PMS.. please..please..

Oh my...
PMS.. huhu..
I Hate PMS coz when it came, i am not myself.
I really really felt the mood swing right now.
Added with the exam tense, it is sooo unbearable.
I get annoyed easily. by everyone. including my besties here.
Oh God.
I get annoyed.
Especially girls.
I even get annoyed by my roomie everytime she speaks about boys.
Boys in her class, boys that she knows.
I kept babling in my heart
" Doesn't she have bf ody?? Mahu jugak closed with other guys.. duh.."
Coz they way she talks about the guy as if she like him.. Hmm..
I dunno.. Bla.. Bla.. Bla..
Let them be.. Popular among guys kunun.. Fucking Sh*t la!!!
Dont tell me.. why u guys owez tell me??
I don't care about the guys in your life.
So geram.. I also get annoyed by one of my gf..
I dunno.. As if i'm her rivalry or what.
Why do people always see me as their competition?
I don't ask for higher marks, or even people to like me.
They just did, ok?
I am NOT ok. I just being myself!!!
So shut ur fucking mouth!! and i hate it when u make face with me and ignore me!!!
Palui.. Bangang.. Sial...
U make me write dirty words in my blog!!!
U biatch!! SHIT!! I hate you right now.
Jangan harap saya mahu jumpa ko these two days..
Kalau boleh this exam week, saya x mahu jumpa ko.
honestly, i miss the old 'us'.
i hope after exams and probably after holidays ni, we back to normal again.
maybe because of all the tense right now.
or maybe because i'm jealous with you kowt.
I dunno.. seems all the guys are into you. Not me.
Sound pathetic right?
Maybe you are the miss-everybody-like. Not me anymore.
When I post something in my FB, fews will comments.
Sometimes more than 10, more than 20s. sometimes barely 10.
If you post something, then theywill be 1+ comments.
So many people care about you.
Why not so many people care about me?
Am I not a fun person to talk with??

One of my friends even said " if SSC is a drinks, what would she be?"
She answered "FRUITALE"
I ask "why?"
She replied " coz she's FUN and YUMMY"

Greatest compliment ever!! 
Now, i'm not that angry anymore.. Ngeee~


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