Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I no longer have FB!

I delete my FB account.
Janganlah tanya kenapa.
I just delete it.
I found out that i don't opened other site except FB everytime i'm online.
Sick! Jijik! 
Instead of reading people's status, I should reading more on my studies.
More on Anatomy, More on Physiology, More on Biochem. More on Histology, More on nutrition.
I don't care anymore.
Don't worry~
If i change my mind, i can just reactivate it again.
Hopefully i wont do that.
So dear friends,
You can Keep in touch with me via my blog, YM or you can just text me!


nalynabila. said...

huih...nekad kaw arh shak...

Mr. Mahid said...

This is good!
you go girl...!

Ina Chu said...

naly: ya bah.. FB melalaikan sy jak. mcm org addict nie sy..

sir mahid: thanx sir!! ^^ hopefully i'm not going to reactivate it again. this all 4 da sake of my study,, :))