Saturday, February 6, 2010

Syurga Cinta

When will I get my very own love story?? vey own syurga cinta.
I'm 19 and soon to be 20s. and still absence of love life! Ha Ha Ha. Pity me? I'll kungpao you!
Actually lot tak kisah pun. But by reading romance movie and novels, it makes  you wanted one too.
And now, is february. lagilah. Back at highschool, there's no valentine coz everybody says its HARAM. 
In Matrix, I spend 14 february with my bestfriend. But, back then I was busy with my 60s video challenge, so there's no time for me to even think about Valentines day. Of course we do enjoy 14 feb coz during that moment, budak account buat karnival jual jual. Ada valentine's goodies. Tapi yang paling tidak dilupakan is BUN AISKRIM si amoi. SADAP orang sabah bilang. Ha Ha Ha.
And now, I am a freshman at UMK. Still absencwe of lovelife. Not that i want one with UMKians. Sorry naik lorry. Oh Tidak! Ore Klate panggil lori kecik 'VAN'. Don't ask me why. I still asking themselves too.
Apa-Apa pun, CNY this year i will be at Kampung anak angkat my cousin, si Azwan. Dia suruh saya pulang di rumah dia. Tapi saya malu lah, takut menyusahkan family dia. But, I called makcik Zubaidah. What an awkward conversation. I asked "Makcik sihat?" 3 times during the phone call. What the.. Ha ha ha..

Plus, I miss my family so much. CNY eve suppose to be our Makan Besar moments. Huhuhu. Kelmarin, us girls went rongeng2 at KB MALL. Every spot i go makes me homesick! So many family everywhere. Everytime I saw a man walking with their wife handbag, I remember my dad! Everytime I saw a man pushing troly lazily, I remember my dad! Everytime I saw a man buying buns and chicken from the supermarket, I remember my dad! Everytime I saw a man drinking before they pay for it, I remember my dad! Everytime I saw a man curi-curi makan anggur, I remember my dad! huh.

Conclusion, Its 14 feb and Its CNY, I MISS MY FAMILY!!!

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