Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moment de bonheur à KL ^--^

Its's the end of practical!!! Yeah~
I kinda miss Ulu Lepar, miss the staff and all the nelores and Brahman.. huhuu

But, i miss my family even more!!
So, I left Ulu Lepar on 25th. Intan's family gave me a ride and a place to stay for a few days untill Pam's left for KK. Intan's family is very warm and friendly. Its like living in my own house. If Pam and i felt shy, her mom and dad will tackle us with stories to talk about or some jokes so thatt we wont be so shy anymore.

The moment we arrived KL, her parent brought us to eat at one of their favourite eatery for Satay and noodles. Yep, That mee goreng i ordered really taste good and I do like their Satay!
This is the restaurant. Its just a small restaurant but its been here for ages.

Then, Auntie Noi cook Telur masam manis, Ikan masak pedas and kangkung Belacan for dinner. I've been craving for Kangkung Belacan since ever! Huhuhu, there's not much lauk veggies sold in kelantan.

 That Kangkung Belacan.. slurrp

After some pillow talks, we fell asleep. Have to get enough rest for tomorrow, coz we'll be meeting intan's friend from Paris. They met a year ago while they were on vacation in Paris. We meet Hanan at Swiss Inn. Its exactly located at Petaling Street. I got rambang mata seeing all those stuffs at Petaling Street but we're on rush. So, cannot shop2 lah.. Plus, all the sellers are very aggresive. Scared me only lah. Pam and I took this opportunity fooling around KL. Unfortunately, its raining that afternoon, so our plan for Jalan TAR is cancelled. But, say HELLO to KLCC. hiks. But, there arent much to see in KLCC. It is full with Branded outlets. If only you got RM++++ in your pocket, feel free to shop!

Petaling Street..
Sayang KL? emm..


We stop by at the foodcourt so that Intan and Hanan could have a cosy lil chit chat. Pammie wants to try subway. At first i dont want to order, I'm thinking on eating Ramen but after a while it tempted me to buy one. You can pick any types of breads you want with any toppings. So, i choose 6-inch bread or footlong and toppings bla bla bla.. I thought all bread have the same price.. Huhuu.. indeed they are not! Footlong cost me RM18.90!!! WTH!!! +_+ I'm dead! Geezzz.. Lesson of the day: Orang tamak selalu rugi..

SUBWAY: No good at all >.<

We were thinking on going to Aquaria but we don't have much time left. Intan's mom tells us to bring Hanan home at 5. Maybe next time.  so, we straight away went home. It's peek hours at 5pm. All are rushing for the train. Thank God we already buy tickets. And ya, there's one thing! I help some korean to buy train tickets for them! Yeah for me!! the praise for my kindness. A+ for Malaysian!!
Look at their Happy faces!

Uncle Kamaruzaman picked us at LRT station. Not only her mum and brother waiting for hanan, Also their family's friend Uncle Lan and family. Dorang ni yang travel together with intan in Europe. Hanan really is lucky coz they treat her really2 nice. Sampai rumah kena ajak makan lagi. Meehoon goreng and cheese cake yang Hanan beli. Full! Full! huhuuu~

Makan dan nyanyi~

That night, we went to uptown Danau Kota. Bawa Hanan round2 shopping market. She bought 2 brown shawl for her sister. And again, We ate. Uncle lan belanja. Order Lamb Chop and orange juice. Banyak gila aku makan hari ni. Takpe, rezeki jangan ditolak. We hanged out until 3.00 AM! I guess its normal for KL people. Kalau di Sabah ni, tutup sudah tu kadai2. HAHAHA. We straightly went asleep after reached home. too tired! End of 26th June.
Look what i found in uptown.. HAHAHA
Its Poo Poo.

Eat AGAIN?? ==!!

The next day, i spend the whole day at airport. 1st, sending Pammie to LCCT and lepaking at McD. Buat log konon. Padahal online je kerja. Then after Maghrib, we take shuttle bus to KLiA to see Hanan. The Bus driver is soo grumpy. Takut kowt. Beranikan diri je la minta duit yang RM1 itu. Spend time awhile with Hanan before her departure. Bye-Bye Hanan.
 After that, another treat by Uncle Lan! Oh my.. huhuu~ melantak lagi.. Kali ni depan BOMBA WANGSA MAJU.. Sedaaaaaap~  Nanti kalau pergi mesti aku singgah lagi.

Onlining @ LCCT's McD

Au revoir~ huhuu

Siapa lagi nampak macam Zhang ZiYi???

And now, I'm at my bro's place in Cheras. Anybody wants to visit me?? It's in Shamelin kay..

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