Saturday, October 9, 2010


We're coming the end of Shawwal. Hopefully next year, I get the chance to see Ramadhan and Shawwal again. Amin. And today was UMK JAMUAN RAYA. It's like the whole food court came to UMK. Love it! Class ended at 10 somthing and the first booth i noticed was FKP's. Oh my~ Satay!!! Everyone was like waiting nearby watching all the staffs eating those satay.. mouth watering,,huhuu.. I couldn't help myself asking when is this jamuan will start. She said around 12. Still got time. All of us headed to library and spend time doing revision. NOT! hahaha,, just watching some documentary how a jaguar prey for a Gnu at night and as for me, reading CLEO. maybe i should get myself a trenchcoat. Looks cool though. It's 12!! calling all the girls and headed to FKP booth ASAP.. And our journey to every single open booth begins..

Personally, i love this booth so much. All those cookies, biscuits, fruits~
heaven for a sweet tooth like me. hiks ^^
love their chocolate moist cake!

Booth pertama yang kitorang serbu. suka sate!!!

Us and our handsome Dr Mokhtar.
we were coincidently wearing the same colour. suka!

P/S~ There is no love sincerer than the love of food, George Bernard Shaw
            It is sooo trueeee ^__^

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