Friday, October 9, 2009



See that word?
I'm soooo jealous right now.
of what?
of everything!

1. I'm jealous to people who have a chance to study abroad. While, I, me, Ms Ina chu stucked here!  It always been my deam to study abroad. Tapi apakan daya, nak dapat tajaan, result setakat moderate je.. Bantuan PAMA,  no way!! I've  burdened my PAMA way too much already. let's them have a peaceful and happy retirement life. No need to worries about da money thingy.

2. I'm jealous of people who r in lurve~ huhu.. you know what my life is missing?? Its not LOVE. coz i got love by my family and friends. What i'm missing is LOVER.. haha.. I always been jealous in elkie and juvita punya relationship. These two people are my friends back in matrix. They are such a sweet couple. never show their smoochie2 in front of people. they act cool. They act like friends. Bestfriend. I'm so envy of their relationship. Hseems cool but deep inside soo caring towards ju..huhu.. Ju also act like sempoi n bersahaja je.,. But in the bersahaja, there's manja2..hahaa.. cute couple. Banyak2 couple kat dunia ni, i jealous kat budak 2 orang ni..hehe..

In conclusion (macam nak wat essay english), I'm so jealous to people who are studying abroad and to the lovers out there,.. huhu.. I also want these two things right now! Nak rasa jugak how it feels living in foreign countries. Try new adventure and going to places that are soo different than malaysia.
I also want to be loved and to be in love. Lumrah manusia.

I'm certainly not myself tonight. PMS agaknya.

Ina Chu's thought; betulkah sekarang break up seasons?? baru jak p bilik one of my girlfriends and she said she's having some argument with her bf. her bf is soo kurang ajar. calling your GF like "sepak ko karang" or "ko nie lampik la" or " p mampus la". Is it appropriate? u're acting like a jerk la dude. Bodoh kan??? kalau la dia sayang kat GF dia, dia xkan panggil GF dia mcm ni.. huhu.. If this guy clash with my girlfriend, he's the one who's going to lose. Its ok, a guy like him doesnt deserve my friend. She deserve more than him. At least a descent guy!

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