Friday, July 16, 2010

It's been nothing but hectic week.

Yep, it's been hectic but i love it. the tensed, stress, packed schedule. It made me occupied. It made me not to think about something that don't deserve to be think about.

My sophomore year starts vigorously. That's all i can say. Start our first class with anatomy. Seriously tak ingat berapa ingat histo yang lepas. So, macam dapat brain shock ni. Then got lab from 2pm-5pm. I seriously don't like microscope. It gave me headaches!! fuhh~ Thank God I'm in a group where they all kinda love and know how to operate this thingy. I'm sure its gonna be a long sem for anatomy this sem. Huhu. Then, suddenly we were asked to hand in our practical report today before 5.30 pm. What the.. Padahal our Practical mentor said to hand it in at 12 july. I honestly still got plenty to do. Tu lah yang kelam kabut tu. Naa~ padam mukaks ko lot. Buat kerja last minit lagi.. tau la ko pernah study d KML. (get it ka? Kerja Minit Last=Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan)

snapped pics so that i won't have to looking into the microscoper. much more easier.

yerr, i shouldn't complain bah this. haish. Ditambah lagi dengan meeting yang hampir setiap malam diadakan. I really really need better time management. Day 2 was for our seminar at IPKB. It's our first time using the IPKB's DK. But we manage it anyway. hisk. The presentation went well. Honestly, i think Ulu lepar perform the best! (jangan marah ye XD) coz our slide got plenty of piccas hence less boring! hahaha..

group Kg Pah


For ruminant production, i enjoyed our farm visit very much! we'd visit a dairy farm. Just a small one but we learned a lot! From the management, breeds, and most importantly how the milking process is done! IT IS FUN FUN MOMENTS!! I enjoyed milking the cows and drink fresh milk from the udder. *yummy*
happy dapat milking cow. hiks.

fresh milk. Seeedap~
I love milk!!!

We came across into 2 cow that suffer wounds because of his horn, and the other is an arthritis. 
So, pity these two.

They should cut the horn ASAP coz the wound getting deeper and deeper.

And that arthritis calf is so cute and manja. He loves me belai belai him and keep licking my hand. 
I thought he tired, that's why he dont wanna stand, rupanya dia sakit.
Seeedih~ the VA said its because of navel infection that he kena arthritis. SO PITY!!!


Majlis perlantikan Sekretariat MPP pun sudah dilangsungkan. Diharap selepas ni semua kerja pimpinan akan berjalan dengan lebih lancar. Amiin. Malam tu juga sambut birthday Kak Zu sekali. We'd done some pranks. Hampir nangis Kak Zu.. Hehe,, Sorry Kak Zu, birthday sekali je setahun.. Hiks. Btw, HAPPY SWEET 21!! Jange lupo ngundi deh ^__*


Celebrate Pammie's belated birthday. HAHAHA.. So many things happened that night. Kami sewa kereta, then kereta tu mati, nasib baik depan petronas. Bongek punya tukang sewa, isi la minyak sikit pun jadilah. Went to KB Mall for PC Fair,  I bought External Hard disk (500 GB) for RM239 and laptop skin for RM16 pun got many freebies. Dapat Keyboard pad, earphone and laptop cleaning tools. So, berbaloi baloi lah.
Kek sedap, banyak lilin, dapat free makan.. I loikeee~ ^^

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