Friday, October 22, 2010

Screw you.

I'm sick off people that are so full of themselves. I don't know whether you are a bragger or it's just the real you which makes it more pathethic. I can just bare it but it's just so annoying it comes to the point that i've heard enough!

Haih,, seems like i'm a bad person here. But everyone have their limits right? 

I think the best way to deal with such person is to take whatever they're trying to say  with humor than knock the seriousness out of it, lightheartedness, and don't ever encourage them to take the conversation into the next level. What I meant is, Buat dunno je. I'm neglecting to fuel your bragging.

One message for you, DON"T EVER PREACH, TALK OR EVEN MENTION ABOUT IT! coz not all of us are interested to hear the words that came off your mouth. 

I'm sorry, but I've heard enough. Maybe this exam fever makes me temper than before.


cacing said...

wah! marahnya dia... sabar2.... tarik nafas dalam2.... tahan! tahan!..... tahan lagi! tahan pai esok! tahan! hahahaha

Mista Blogga said...


Shakina Chu said...

hahaha, that's what blogging is all about, release ur unsaid words. LOL

aiyoyo sir, no need to kill lah XD